Advantages of Using NVS


Nations has been providing valuation products and services in all states and counties for over 20 years, with a local presence and strong geographic competency in all markets nationwide.


Using NVS separates your loan production or servicing personnel from appraisal vendors, creating an arms-length relationship that reduces liability for your company. In addition, all appraisals provided by NVS meet state licensing requirements, and conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), as well as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Guidelines. Learn more about how NVS protects you through the NVS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Warranty.


State of the art automation coupled with the efforts of our Vendor Management Team allow for increased efficiency with vendor communication. Working together with our Client Management Team, our clients are kept well informed through the entire process; including post-completion. Our proprietary operating platform identifies potential outliers which allows for our teams to effectively manage these exceptions.


With a panel of over 20,000 appraisers nationwide, NVS has earned a reputation for being able to perform in markets where others are not capable. With over 20 years of service in the appraisal management industry, NVS has long-standing relationships with our preferred panel of vendors that span nearly 2x as long as our competitors. These continued partnerships allow for NVS to continue to outperform our competition on a national scale.


NVS places great emphasis on the communication process with clients and vendors alike. Our automated notification system and smart-phone compatible software and websites allows for our vendors to update appraisal status directly from their mobile device. All status updates are communicated in real time via our client notification system, and can be customized to fit any client’s specific preferences. Communication is imperative in any successful partnership and at NVS our goal is to ensure the proper expectations are set from start to finish.

Speed and Accuracy of Product Delivery

In today’s mortgage market, EVERY order is a “RUSH”. NVS’ speed and accuracy of product delivery is a result of our experience, accountability of our vendors, and full transparency with our clients. The partnerships we have established with our appraisers over the last 20 years provide NVS with a distinct advantage over other AMC’s. The average tenure of our panel of appraisers is nearly 8 years, longer than most AMC’s have been in business. Through our prompt automated-payment system, longevity of our vendor partnerships, and superior communication systems and quality control process, NVS ensures an “Underwriter Ready” appraisal over 90% of the time, eliminating a time-consuming and often costly dispute process.”

Increased Report Accuracy and Data Validation

NVS maintains 100% of their Quality Control in house; nothing is outsourced. Heavily staffed with certified and licensed appraisers and appraisal apprentices, we ensure the highest level of accuracy through our in-depth quality review. All valuation products are run through a 3-stage QC process to ensure the highest level of accuracy. With access to a multitude of real estate data sources, as well as our proprietary Risk Profiler Intelligence System, our Quality Control Team is well equipped with the tools necessary to properly analyze and confirm accuracy of all completed products.


The NVS proprietary Operating System, AppraisalTRAX, is 100% homegrown and is constantly updated and upgraded with our in house IT and Development staff to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. AppraisalTRAX enables lenders and vendors alike to monitor orders from online, from their mobile device, via text, email and web-notifications. In addition, NVS offers a fully customized reporting suite based on the individual needs of each client on the go. With relationships spanning nearly 10 years with 3rd party interfaces such as RealEC, FNC-Appraisal Port and Encompass as well as over 50 customized direct LOS connections, we ensure fast and seamless integrations.