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Nations provides a full suite of solutions for mortgage companies, banks and credit unions:

  • Since the 1980's, Nations is the industry leader in Title Insurance, Settlement & Escrow Services across the country. Our system integrates with ALL major LOS systems available today, and our online.
  • Valuations ranging from full 1004 appraisals, to FHA and manufactured home appraisals across the country, Nations has a fully scorecarded network of 30,000 appraisers. Nations also offers a unique 48-hr turn time appraisal report in select metro markets.
  • Home Equity - Nations offers host of alternative title and valuation services customized for the home equity market, including:
    • Instant Title
    • Equity Express: Insured Property Searches
    • Legal & Vesting Reports
    • AVM & BPO's
    • Hybrid Desktop Appraisals with Inspection
  • Pre & Post Close QC - Nations uses state of the art technology to ensure documents are prepared and executed properly. We have an in-house quality control staff who prepare, and review documents. We have the ability to e-record and perform walk-in recordings across the country.
  • Document Retrieval - Pre Loan Document Retrieval (White Glove Services)
    • Great for customer service for consumers with conventional or HECM loans.
    • Same Field Closer for Pre Loan Docs, and final closing.
    • In home services that provide higher close ratios for all loans.

Servicers & Capital Markets

Servicing: Servicing Loans can be challenging for companies in today's market. Staffing with a changing economy is not an easy task, and managing portfolio's properly takes a lot of effort. Regardless of the issues you face, Nations can provide support.

  • Subservicing
  • Interim Servicing
  • Component Servicing
  • Backup Servicing

Default Servicing Products: For companies that struggle with managing default properties or panel managing attorney and vendor networks, partnering with Nations is the answer. Our solutions include:

  • Deliquency Resolution
  • Foreclosure
  • Property Preservation & Inspections
  • Bankruptcy Services
  • Eviction Management
  • Referral Packaging
  • REO Asset Management
  • Litigation Services
  • Title Clearance: Nations provides title reports and title curative needed to delivery CLEAR title. Over the past 30+ years, our staff are experiences with the rules and requirements in all 50 states.
    • Pre-Listing Title Searches or full REO title commitments.
    • Comprehensive Title Curative and grading services.
    • Lien Monitoring includes last two conveyance deeds, liens and taxes with copies.
    • Full Search during entire process. 24/7 means Lenders are always in the know.
    • Deed-in-Lieu services offered.
    • Customized Reporting to grade performance of speed and accuracy.
  • Valuations: Nations offers all potential valuation reports needed for the servicing and capital market industry, including:
    • REO & Distressed Loan Appraisals
    • 1004 - REO/Foreclosure (Listings and Repairs)
    • 1004d - Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
    • Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
    • Standard Interior/Exterior BPO's
    • 2055- Exterior Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report
    • 2070 - Condition and Marketability Report (FHLMC)

Realtors and Property Investors

In addition to being an industry leader in both the title/escrow and valuation industry, Nations offers custom solutions for purchase transactions, such as:

  • Earnest Money Deposits Online
  • Property Profile / Neighborhood Outlook Reports
  • Traveling/Field Closings
    • Can closing at any location (realtor's offices, borrowers homes, etc) with over 1300 approved & screened Notary Signing Agents and 800 Notaries with E-Closing readiness.
    • Bi-lingual closings offered nationwide, multiple languages.
    • Last second, end of month scheduling nationwide.
    • Expertise in military base or embassy closings nationwide.
    • Split Closings and Attorney Closings