Title & Settlement

  • Short Form ALTA Policy - Long Form ALTA Policy - Delivery of policies guaranteed to be clean and within compliance while being issued on time, regardless of the complications.
  • Underwriters - Old Republic Title (ORT) and Westcor Title Commitments issued with auto: CPL, and Pre-CD.
Property Search Products
  • Legal and Vesting (Deed Search) - Includes copy of last vesting deed.
  • Current Owner Search - Last conveyance deed plus any liens and taxes.
  • Two Owner Search - Includes last two conveyance deeds, liens and taxes with copies.
  • Full Search - Marketable chain of title per each state statute, pertinent page copies are included.
  • Tax Information Certification - Includes verification of parcel, tax amounts, and balances.
  • Title Update - A search from effective date of the first search, or original order.
  • Document Retrieval Services - Obtaining documents from the courthouse with a rapid turnaround.
  • Equity Express (Home Equity Loans) - Insured search product covering vesting, legal, lien position, and fraud.
Servicing / REO Title Services
  • Pre-Listing Title Searches or full REO title commitments.
  • Comprehensive Title Curative and grading services.
  • Lien Monitoring includes last two conveyance deeds, liens and taxes with copies.
  • Full Search during entire process. 24/7 means Lenders are always in the know.
  • Deed-in-Lieu services offered.
  • Customized Reporting to grade performance of speed and accuracy.
Team Services & Response Times

Best closing team response times in the industry with CD statements produced accurately in less than 30 minutes.

Closing Curative Services - Clear to Close

Lender Payoffs gathered and updated regularly. All vital issues or clouds on title cleared, including difficult IRS lien releases.

Pre Loan Document Retrieval (White Glove Services)
  • Great for customer service for consumers with conventional or HECM loans.
  • Same Field Closer for Pre Loan Docs, and final closing.
  • In home services that provide higher close ratios for all loans.
Field Closers / Notary Signing Agents
  • Over 1300 approved & screened Notary Signing Agents and 800 Notaries with E-Closing readiness.
  • Bi-lingual closings offered nationwide, multiple languages.
  • Qualified notaries in all states.
  • Last second, end of month scheduling nationwide.
  • Multiple parties closed, with expertise in military base or embassy closings nationwide.
  • NSC Field Closers
Document Shipping

Closed Loans ship every time to match each lender's special request, with a speedy return back to Lenders.

Accurate Disbursement of Funds
  • Funding standards set for each lender specifically.
  • Last second funding changes are handled with speedy returns and safely to prevent cyber fraud.
Nations' WebTRAX™ Technology
  • 24/7 on line website with closing status access.
  • Interactive change abilities such as Upload and Download pertinent Docs.
  • Interface with most Lender Operating systems, such as Encompass and Calyx.
  • Instant LE & CD quotes nationwide with all taxes and recording fees.
    • Custom Uploads docs into lender e-folders.
    • Update loan amounts to create instant fee changes in CD's.
    • LE & CD collaboration, live and real time.


  • USPAP Compliance
Conventional/Standard Appraisals
  • Full Condominium or PUD Report-1073
  • Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR)-1004
  • Manufactured Home Appraisal- 1004c
  • FHA Full Appraisals
Alternative Appraisals
  • Nations Comp Locator Plus (NCL+)
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
  • 1075- Exterior Only
  • 2055- Exterior Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report
  • 2070 - Condition and Marketability Report (FHLMC)
  • Standard Interior/Exterior BPO's
  • Fannie Mae Interior/Exterior BPO's
  • Fannie Mae Plus Interior/Exterior BPO's
  • Freddie Mac Interior/Exterior BPO's
Appraisal Reviews
  • Reconciled Market Value (RMV)
  • 2000 - Appraisal Field Review
  • 2006 - Appraisal Desk Review
  • 2000a - Two-Four Unit Appraisal Field Review Report
Loan Servicing
  • REO & Distressed Loan Appraisal
  • 1004 - REO/Foreclosure (Listings and Repairs)
  • 1004d - Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
  • Standard Interior/Exterior BPO's
  • 2055- Exterior Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report
  • 2070 - Condition and Marketability Report (FHLMC)


  • Deliquency Resolution - Transition a delinquent loan into a performing asset.
  • Foreclosure - A customized array of default solutions.
  • Property Preservation & Inspections - Single source for all your property management needs.
  • Bankruptcy Services - Claim preparation and monitoring.
  • Eviction Management - Occupant removal and property security.
  • Referral Packaging - File review and service referral preparations.
  • REO Asset Management - Keep your portfolio productive.
  • Litigation Services - Defend against a variety of claims.


  • Subservicing - Outsource your mortgage servicing needs to Nations in order to expand capabilities with less dependence on infrastructure.
  • Interim Servicing - Maintain compliance while reducing labor. Avoid unnecessary delays and streamline loan transitions.
  • Component Servicing - Pay only for what you need. Nations component servicing includes Collections, Loss Mitigation, Mortgage Insurance Claims, and Foreclosure and Post-Foreclosure services.
  • Backup Servicing - Continuity concerns are unnecessary as Nations can act as your contingency plan for unexpected servicing interruptions.

Loan Fulfillment

The Nations account processing platform is a powerful, cost-efficient solution for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions that lack the resources to develop or manage applications in-house. Nations allows clients to provide products and services members need while promoting strategies that encourage growth and success internally.


Streamlining the lending process and elevating the borrower experience


  • Professional QC to make sure documentation is complete and accurate.
  • Complete regulatory compliance built in.


  • Nations provides a dedicated closing team.
  • Hybrid and Fully Electronic Closing Capable.

Post Closing

Quality Control Review
  • Investor and warehouse line reviews to ensure accuracy and compliance.
Investor Delivery
  • Delivering loand and data to the investor.
  • Following up on exceptions to elminate buybacks.
Trailing Doc Management
  • Serve as centralized source to receive and review loan documents; Retrieve missing documents from closing agents, recorders offices, etc.; title policy retrieval.
Curative Services
  • Title Curative, Title Replacement Policies.


Service and Security isn't just our Policy... it's our Commitment!

Nations is certified SSAE18 security compliant because of its high integrity in regards to industry TRID Regulations and Best Practices.

  • Uses state of the art encryption and defense to make sure sensitive information is protected against identify theft and other threats.
  • Uses secure, redundant backup servers to ensure high operational availability.
  • Grant Thornton Certification of SSAE18 Security Levels.
Best Practices
  • All Nations locations are licensed as required to conduct business in applicable states.
  • Nations maintains top level secure controls of Escrow and Trust Accounts.
  • All information security policies are written and followed with the highest levels of protections in mind for Non Public Private Information, or NPPI.
  • All Nations associates are trained on industry security, and background checked for consumer protection.
  • Title Insurance Policies are issued with maximum protection on a timely basis for both Lenders and Consumers.
  • Errors & Omissions & Fidelity coverage are at the top of industry standards with Nations.
  • Consumers have a voice to communicate with Nations before, during, a real estate transaction.


Real Time Tracking & Price Quotes

The Nations proprietary on-line operating system WebTRAX™, is able to post real time updates as they are received through a PDA compatible, encrypted vendor website.

Nations clients enjoy a state of the art online LE & CD rate quote engine which is complete with all recording fee, and transfer tax fees in all US Counties.

Fast, Easy Direct Integration Capabilities

Nations partners with every major national 3rd party LOS or portal interface in the industry such as: RealEC, Calyx Point, Encompass, and many others.

Don't want to use a 3rd party LOS, or Web Portal? Nations in-house development team has built over 50 custom direct integrations with client's proprietary LOS.

Customized Client Reporting Suite

Nations clients have up to the minute status reports available at their fingertips. With the ability to customize any type of title or settlement report, Nations is more than just a "service provider".

E-Signatures & Digital Closings

All of the latest E-Signature Digital Signature technologies and consumer authentication practices are available at Nations. Consumers enjoy the safety and convenience of closing real estate transactions in their homes.